Blacksheep Management provide a unique blend of services as a management agency encompassing PR, Management and Finance. With a team bringing their years of knowledge, experience and expertise in their respective fields, BlackSheep Management provide a dedicated, detailed and personalised service.

We at Blacksheep are not interested in standing out as a management team — our clients and businesses we represent do our talking.

Why follow the pack, when you can be unique and stand out from the crowd? Don't get left out, contact us here


Like all Blacksheep, there are very few of us...

Having a few select clients is preferred over the masses. We believe in a close personalised relationship, that encapsulates either you as a person or your company as 'one of us', and ensure that as good shepherds, we look after you personally and not regard you as one of many from the flock with the same template.

All Blacksheep are unique...

With our unique experience and skill sets, we are able to develop, advise and guide clients to achieve their realistic goals and maximising their potential with a smooth, effective and efficient working relationship. Once represented by Blacksheep, you will have a dedicated team looking out for you, ensuring a close and personal service with direction, confidentiality, discretion and trust — the absolute foundation of an effective management experience.

At Blacksheep, you don't get fleeced for short termism like other shepherds, we are here to build your image, build your brand and build your long term growth for a golden outlook.

Public Relations

Blacksheep Management fully understands the importance of PR whether you're a person or a business. Through our established network and contacts within the industry, we are able to help you stand out from the crowd utilising print press, radio, digital or television platforms.

With our wealth of experience, individuals and businesses alike require tailored PR and campaigns to achieve the coverage and exposure desired. We at Blacksheep Management believe in realistic goals and campaigns, and pride ourselves on being proactive and productive in implementing strategies for effective campaigns, brand control and positioning.

Get the flock out there!


Don't get fleeced!

Blacksheep Managements duty of care to its clients doesn't just stop with the PR, negotiation, management of deals, endorsements and generation of revenues. Unlike other agencies, we don't just hand you a cheque and leave you to your own devices!

Rather than you sleeping at night trying to count sheep, Blacksheep Management can help you manage your finances and get you through the gate safely. We can guide you through the muddy fields of finance and ensure your liabilities (both short term and long term) are managed, budgets are adhered to, and help you invest and manage your finances more efficiently and effectively.